Tran Si ChuongChair of Advisory Council

Work Experience

  • An international economic and management advisor, Mr. Tran has served on the boards of directors and boards of advisors of leading Vietnamese and international enterprises.
  • Before returning to Vietnam over 20 years ago, he had served in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington, D.C., concurrently as a professional staff member on the Banking Committee and a legislative assistant on foreign affairs and trade. Thereafter, he joined James Riedel Associates, Inc., an international economic and development consultancy in Washington, D.C., as managing director.
  • He co-authored (with Prof. James Riedel of John’s Hopkins University) World Bank and IFC’s first report (1997) on Vietnam’s emerging private sector, and policy recommendations for its development. Tran also authored a book in Vietnamese (“Nói Chuyện Làm Ăn”, by Youth Publisher, 2007) on the needed conditions for the sustainable growth and development of Vietnamese enterprises.
  • Mr. Tran is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley School of Engineering, London School of Economics, and The School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University.

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