Henrik Normann AndersenAssociate Member

Work Experience

  • Henrik N. Andersen is a distinguished and seasoned business leader with over two decades of experience contributing to the strategic growth and success of organizations across various industries. His extensive knowledge of doing business in Vietnam, dating back to 2003, reflects his deep understanding of the dynamic Vietnamese market. Henrik is a certified board member from the prestigious business school INSEAD in France, and his commitment to ongoing education is evidenced by his participation in executive leadership programs.
  • Henrik has built a reputation as a trusted advisor, visionary strategist, and catalyst for positive change within the corporate world. His career highlights include leadership roles in private, state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and listed companies, demonstrating his versatility and adaptability in different business environments.
  • Throughout his career, Henrik N. Andersen has played pivotal roles in various organizations. Notably, he has served as the CEO of the stock-listed ERRIA in Denmark, where his leadership and strategic insights drove the company’s growth and success.


  • Chairman – MediGroup (Vietnam)
  • Chairman – Erria Container Services (Vietnam)
  • Chairman – Mermaid Maritime Vietnam (Vietnam)
  • Chairman – Cathay Seal (Singapore)
  • Deputy Chairman – Jorenku (Denmark)
  • CEO in stock listed ERRIA (Denmark)
  • Henrik’s extensive board memberships showcase his commitment to contributing to organizations across multiple sectors. His current roles include:
  • Henrik N. Andersen’s outstanding contributions to these organizations, coupled with his extensive experience in the Vietnamese market and his commitment to excellence, make him a respected and influential figure in the corporate world. His visionary leadership and dedication to positive change continue to inspire and shape the business landscape.

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